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Become an Approved Tutor

Approved Tutors are those we highlight and actively promote to students and parents. Tutors must apply to become "Approved". About 50% of applicants are accepted. The process for becoming an Approved Tutor is set out below.


  • Your profile will appear at the top of search results for your subjects and location.
  • Get paid directly to your PayPal account or bank account.
  • Earn credits on the Homework Help system and redeem them for cash from Profr.
  • Earn credits for tutoring through Profr. which you can redeem for cash.

Before applying please check

  • Your profile is complete with accurate English grammar and spelling.
  • You have demonstrated a strong academic background and subject knowledge (e.g. by answering questions on the Homework Help system).
  • You have a PayPal account or Bank Account to receive payment.
  • You have passed the English Language Assessment

We are also considerably more likely to accept applicants who:

  • Respond to tutoring requests and homework help questions quickly and professionally.
  • Hold a relevant professional qualification for their subjects.
  • Can provide students with a proof of qulaifications, criminal record and/or background check.
  • Contribute by helping others on this site.

If you believe you meet these criteria and would like to apply to be an Approved Tutor, please contact us. We will assess your profile and get back to you in 48 hours. Please ensure your profile is complete before applying. In some cases we may invite you to an interview in the Online Classroom.

Last modified onWednesday, 15 January 2014 13:04
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