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A Practical Guide to Tutoring



Platforms for Independent Tutors

There are several free sites and directories out there built to help you raise your profile as an online tutor without taking your hourly rate. Here are a few of the best free or nearly free options.

Profr. - well yes we are going to mention ourselves aren't we. Profr. is a tutoring community built by its tutors. Profr. is slightly different in that it differentiates and highlight tutors who contribute something back to the community in the form of free help to struggling students. The site will also soon offer a sophisticated, and integrated online classroom which will be free to use for approved tutors.

University Tutor is a large and seemingly global directory of tutors. It is free to create a tutor profile, and there is a paid option to be featured in search results which is not necessarily any indicator of quality. University Tutor has an impressive geographical spread with tutor pages for hundreds of cities around the world. There are currently no integrated online classroom options, although they say they are working on that.

BuddySchool is an online tutoring platform which connects tutors all over the world with students for online classes. The interface is a little dated, but the site remains popular and busy. Tutoring via Buddy School can be pretty cheap, as little as $5 an hour.  

Craigslist, OLX, Gumtree etc. - classified sites provide little to help inform the selection process or to support the learning experience, but they are big, they are everywhere and they are often a quick route to tachers and tutors operating in your local area. There are obviously risks in find a tutor via classifieds, so do your homework and be selective.

Top Sites for Independent Tutors
Independent Tutoring Platforms
Independent Tutoring Platforms
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Last modified onTuesday, 26 November 2013 18:18
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